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    Condor Feather Empty Condor Feather

    Post by EllisonSouza on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:22 am

    Condor Feather

    General Description of the Item
    The Fedora Condor is necessary to create Wing Level 3 this item does not drop so it has to be created in the Chaos Machine by combining several Items.

    Necessary Items to Create

    1x Wing Level 2 + 9 + 4, 1x Item Ancient + 7 + 4, 1x Jewel of Chaos, 1x Jewel of Creation, 10x Jewel of Soul

    Percentage of success varies depending on the Level and the additional of the Item Ancient and the Wing Level 2 the maximum percentage of success is 60%.

    - The higher level and additional have the item and the Wing Level 2 there will be a greater chance of success.
    - The Cost in Zen for the creation of the Fedora Condor Depends on the percentage of success.

    Steps to follow
    1. Go to the Chaos Machine located in Noria and click on Regular Combination.
    2. Insert 1 Wing Level 2 Minimum +9, Item Ancient Minimum + 7 + 4 Additional, 10 Jewel of Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation and 1 Jewel of Chaos and click on Combining.
    3. Accept or Cancel the process of creating the Fedora condor
    4. Finished Creation Process

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