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    Wings Lvl 1


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    Wings Lvl 1 Empty Wings Lvl 1

    Post by EllisonSouza on Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:09 am

    General Description of the Item

    The Wing Add Movement Speed ​​adding a range of damage, absorption and defense depending on the level of the Wing can also have options depending on the combination.
    Necessary Items to Create

    1x Chaos Weapon + 4 + 4Additional, 1x Jewel of Chaos

    Percentage of success varies depending on the Level and the additional of the Item the maximum percentage of success is 100%


    - The higher and higher the item, the higher the probability of success.
    - The cost in Zen for the creation of the Wing Level 1 Depends on the percentage of success.
    - In the combination, any type of Wing can randomly exit.
    - When you insert a Bless in the combination you can increase the percentage of success by 5%.
    - When you insert a Soul in the combination you can increase the percentage of success by 3%.

    Types of Wing Level 1:

    Wing of Satan
    Wing of Heaven
    Elven Wings
    Wings Of Mystery

    Steps to follow

    1. Go to the Chaos Machine located in Noria and click on Regular Combination.
    2. Insert 1 Chaos Weapon Minimum + 4 + 4 Additional and 1 Jewel of Chaos and click on Combining.
    3. Accept or Cancel the process of creating the Wings.
    4. Finished Creation Process

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