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    Wings Lvl 3


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    Wings Lvl 3 Empty Wings Lvl 3

    Post by EllisonSouza on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:58 am

    Crear Wing Level 3

    General Description of the Item
    The Wing Add Movement Speed adding a range of damage, absorption and defense depending on the level of the Wing can also have additional options depending on the combination.

    Items Needed to Create

    Item Excellent+9+4 + 1x Jewel of Chaos + 1x Jewel of Creation + 10x Jewel of Bless + 10x Jewel of Soul + 1x Condor Feather + 1x Condor Flame + 8.000.000 zen

    Wing Level 3

    Percentage of success varies depending on the Level and the additional of the Excellent Item and the Wing Level 2 the maximum success rate is 40%.

    - The higher and additional level have the excellent item there will be a higher probability of success.
    - Any type of Wing Level 3 can be randomly selected in the combination.
    - The Condor Flame Drops in Barracks of Balgass.
    - You can add more excellent items to increase the success rate.

    Types Wing Level 3

    Wings of Storm
    Wing of Eternal
    Wing of Illusion
    Cloak of Emperor
    Wing of Destruction
    Wing of Dimension
    Cape of Overrule
    Cloak of Transcendence

    Steps to follow
    1. Go to the Chaos Machine located in Noria and click on Regular Combination.

    2.Insert 1 Item Excellent Minimum + 9 + 4 Additional, 1 Condor Feather, 1 Condor Flame, 10 Jewel of Bless, 10 Jewel of Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation and 1 Jewel of Chaos and click on Combining.

    3. Accept or Cancel the process of creating the Wings.

    4. Finished Creation Process

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