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    nothing was changed I retired


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    nothing was changed I retired Empty nothing was changed I retired

    Post by maxgun on Wed May 02, 2018 12:58 am

    I returning today after about 3 weeks off...... I participate the test server to improve the server fixing bugs and try to make the server more "nostalgic" atractive possible ..... but after all time has being passed NOTHING WAS CHANGED.
    Elemental systems still there, bugs still there, drop is the same bullshit.... exp and drop rate still the sames ..... and the worst thing ever, server will no be restart ... oh yes I forget they add new f..king drops like items+10-15 ... so have no poit normal drops in server since only we have to wait to drop an pro bullshit item exe+15 from ground (worst setting ever made) .... exe are devaluated and NOW +10-15 items will devaluated too
    I feel scammed by dev team who looks like they cant manage own game or they dont want to change anything because have a closed vision about as it should be the game.... but result are visible.... less than 20 players in all server on (with or without multiclients) and the number tends to down.
    Sorry for all but im tired to try to help for nothing..... nobody forced to me to help I was done because I want to do it for free hopping someday find a good server for play invest and enjoy.... but this is not the case.... I say good bye all, players who shared time with me here in forum and game, admins who have read and heard my advises .... good bye all enjoy the game as it is

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    nothing was changed I retired Empty Reset server

    Post by JK2018 on Fri May 04, 2018 7:58 pm

    In my opinnion reset server would be good choice. Like others said, server is death now, and there is not point to play anymore.. I think that configuration is great, without crap, new things like elemental or gl.. But Above all, the server is built by people. Lets try fresh start, this can be last one But be sure that you have done everything to advertise the server well, not like the last time the ragezone announcement appeared long after the start ... These settings have a lot of potential, a lot of people would like to play in such an old school but they have to know that there is a possibility. Make it everywhere where is it possible, include social media. Best regards and good luck!

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